The Idea
Do you travel a lot or wish you could get your hands on specific products from around the world without paying exorbitant prices? Maybe you yearn for a particular kind of cheese from New Zealand or a cool gadget that’s only available in Germany. Whatever it is, Crew Market is a marketplace where you can find people travelling to these places and can bring these items for you.

Or maybe you are the one doing the travelling and can help a fellow Crew Market member with a certain product – and off course, get paid for it. The idea is fairly simple, but immensely powerful. The Crew Market platform also allows members to start garage sales to sell their items faster and in a more efficient manner to other Crew Market members.

How it works

Crew Market allows users to engage airline crew members and request them to purchase and bring back any item(s) from anywhere in the world. Depending on the crew members’ flight rosters, users can place requests for specific items from specific destinations that they are scheduled to visit. Here is how it works:

Crew Market also allows crew members to upload their rosters and swap their flights and leaves along with starting garage sales and of course, making friends with other crew members.

As you navigate the website look out for these little question mark () signs to help you along your way.