The Idea
Get instant access to a network of willing shoppers who can bring you products from any part of the world – whether it’s that special Brazilian coffee or something from a niche cosmetics store in New York, Crew Market can make it happen for you.

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About Us

The idea of Crew Market was born when we found it exceptionally difficult to find specific products that are readily available in one part of the world but not in others. We realized that the best way to get those items is always to ask a friend, colleague or family member to get it for us. Crew Market does just that by connecting you with travelers from all around the world.
As a user all you need to do is create a wish list, which will become visible to our registered travelers from around the world. Once the user finds a traveler who is going to the city the item is located in, he/she just has to then agree on the shopping, payment and delivery dates.
Crew Market is an effective and exciting way to get your favorite items from around the world at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Order that cheese from Switzerland, coffee from Brazil or your favorite cosmetics from your famous cosmetic store in New York.